“In working with Morgan on photographs for my book and web site, I got all that I sought and more. We were about to be kicked out of our chosen photography site, and Morgan fast-talked the "authorities" into giving us more time, when I was about to pack up and leave. He not only has the technical expertise, but he also makes the shoot more than painless. It was fun. I look at the excellent results with a great fondness for a wonderful experience, in every way.”

-Carol DeChant (Author at ACTA Publications)

“Morgan is a gifted photographer and professional. He is a joy to work with, and he adds a creative touch and fresh ideas to each photography project we've worked on together. His product and action photos have made our 2007 and 2008 new product launches a success! I will definitely hire him for any upcoming photography project we have in the future.”

-Jolynn Kennedy, CIMS-GB (Director of Marketing at Tornado Industries)

“An excellent eye, organized head, consistent product, razor wit, high-end talent with a low-end ego, Morgan is a delight to work with. He's self-started, knowledgeable, and forward thinking. Morgan makes coming into work fun.”

-Jim Pinard (Producer / Director / Art Director)

"Morgan is my go-to photographer. Whether it is for portraits or more of a journalistic style, his work is outstanding. Not only does he deliver a beautiful product, but is also wonderful to work with on a professional level. He is organized, responsive and best of all is fun to be around!"

-Christine Baraba (Abbvie)

“I met Morgan Anderson when he was hired by Tiger Oak Publications for my cover shoot on Michigan Meetings & Events Magazine in July. Having never worked with him prior I looked to that first phone call to create a trust factor and he did. His professional demeanor came through his voice and was proven in person on location. His attention to detail was amazing - and I am one detailed oriented person. Morgan is enjoyable, personable and professional while yielding great results. Morgan's talent comes through in every print and I so enjoyed working with him, that I'm making sure he's hired for the next! Thank you Morgan for the great shoot and great results."

-Laura Schwartz (Principal at White House Strategies & TV Commentator)

“I am a strategy partner at Deloitte Consulting, and my firm brought Morgan in to shoot a series of portraits for our recruiting efforts. I was very impressed by Morgan's process and results. He made the subjects (including me) feel very comfortable and he shot action-oriented, rather than static, pictures that managed to capture personalities as much as appearances. It was a pleasure working with Morgan and I couldn't have asked for better results.”

-Eric Mark (Deloitte Consulting)

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