Even In Alleys

11.28.20 3:19PM

The scenes of this series, found in areas of ordinary experience, catch my attention and I fall in love with them.

04.30.21 8:24AM

Every step in the relationship, from the moment of capture through all the subsequent edits, strengthens my understanding of the scene, and results in the final image.

03.11.21 9:14AM

While everything you see is as it was in front of the camera, I work diligently with subtle adjustments to create an even balance between

 ordinary & majestic

organic & geometric

familiar & confounding

chaos & order

tangible & implied.

08.07.20 8:24AM

Each image employs its own language and logic to tell the story; a story not about the organization or relationship of objects in reality, but about emotion, feeling, and the essential joy of looking.

10.13.20 8:18AM

All the elements in the frame must be resolved and meaningful with nothing extra but everything required.

10.24.20 8:36AM

The structural ambiguity in the images slows down the process of viewing and I hope that as the initial disruption fades, rewarding exploration will continue.

04.14.20 8:20AM

03.11.21 9:54AM

07.31.20 12:59PM

11.17.20 10:20AM

01.22.21 2:53PM

08.07.20 6:48AM

12.02.20 9:06AM

06.11.20 6:35PM

01.12.21 9:08AM

09.29.20 8:42AM

05.05.21 7:21AM

04.22.21 7:38AM

10.30.20 9:18AM

11.06.20 8:21AM

08.06.20 6:26PM

11.06.20 10:09AM

03.11.21 9:38AM

11.06.20 10:00AM

04.21.20 3:11PM

11.13.20 10:22AM

10.01.20 8:26AM

08.07.20 7:39AM

11.13.20 10:44AM

07.02.20 8:11AM

10.24.20 9:03AM

11.17.20 8:35AM

12.04.20 8:58AM

11.07.19 3:14PM

01.12.21 10:20AM

12.04.20 10:55AM

04.30.21 9:17AM

04.18.20 3:11PM

12.09.20 2:17PM

12.02.20 8:54AM

12.02.20 9:38AM

12.02.20 9:10AM

03.19.21 8:43AM

04.22.21 8:57AM

04.22.21 7:40AM

03.19.21 9:19AM

Thank you for taking the time to look.

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